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Ayelet Baron

Futurest, Chief Investigator



"Our world needs 21st century leaders who are courageous, know how to create shared purpose and bring communities together to deliver transformational outcomes. Sheila Babnis is brings what business needs right now; an ability to see where we need to head and a consistent ability to deliver on it. Sheila has a natural ability to not only solve problems but bring the right people in to co-create the solutions. Her toolkit is full of 21st century approaches that would benefit any organization and leader who is lucky to have her coaching."

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David Zhang, PhD, MBA

Executive Director, Head of Biostatistics and Data Management   

Zosano Pharma


"It has been a wonderful opportunity for me to learn and practice innovation and change management with Sheila over the past 3 years. Sheila is a forward thinking and inspiring leader in the cutting edge of innovation. She not only understands well what changes are necessary for an organization to succeed in the long run, she practices with authenticity, passion and drive. Sheila makes people around her feel empowered and serves as catalyst in every way to make things happen with shared purpose. Her style of inclusiveness and easy to approach makes her an ultimate connector for people helping each other for the benefit of greater good.  It has truly been a privilege to work with a leader like Sheila."

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Amy Aines


Diamianakes Communications


"Sheila has an impressive ability to unite teams and drive results.  Her progressive and humane approach to leadership and sommunication set her apart.  She cultivates strong, trusted relationships and provides wise counsel to help organizations, teams and individuals make rapid progress toward their goals." 

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Mark Sullivan, MS Organizational Leadership

Senior Marking Manager, Gatorade


“As a former cadet at Norwich University Military College of VT, Lieutenant in the United States Coast Guard and currently a senior manager at a Fortune 500 company, I believe I have developed leadership attributes that enable me to succeed intellectually, emotionally and socially in our ever-changing world. These same attributes and fundamental skills are reflective when I think of the leader Sheila Babnis currently is and the leader she inspires all of us to be. Her determination, sensitivity, and passion to triumph have allowed her opportunities to apply leadership principles in unique real-life situations. Sheila has the keen ability to assess a situation, develop a plan and modify the plan as the situation changes.  This sequence, repeated again and again has required her to integrate diverse skill sets resulting in a unique personal leadership style. Sheila responds to problematic situations with “grace under pressure”.  This ability is complimented by her strongest attribute, sensitivity. Combining leadership skill sets and sensitivity has enjoined her fellow coworkers to reach their potential and truly be the best they can be” 

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Megan Johnson

Director of Business Development, Atara BIotherapeutics 

Atara Biotherapeutics

Sheila works with passion and enthusiasm helping people and groups reach their ultimate summit by disrupting themselves.  Her ability to co-create the path to get there and navigate through the transition is based on a profound understanding of individual people, community and the constantly evolving business.   Sheila is a pivotal force and her impact on individuals, organizations and across industry has been and will continue to be transformational.    

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Sara Gomez

Head of Account Management, Infrastructure & Operations

IT Roche Pharmaceutical



From the very beginning Sheila’s approach was to make me see the “bigger picture”.  She worked with me to understand my leadership style so I was conformable with my leadership and understanding how to expand my contributions.  She helped me to how to look at things from different perspectives, have courage, to take risk that I was comfortable with and to try things I had not even considered. Sheila is great at making people feel they will be able to achieve whatever they want by believing in themselves, by taking risks and by working hard to learn and understand. I can only thank Sheila for her influence on me and the benefit her coaching has had on my career opportunities and my leadership style.  

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