I am committed to helping you achieve your goals through the use of practices, customer-centered design and connected networks.  Together we can solve your most pressing problems and drive results.

Throughout my business career, I have focused on accelerating product time to market, revenue generation and new ways of working to insure optimal business value and sustainability.  Some of the companies I have worked for include: Roche/Genentech, Pfizer/Parke-Davis, Statprobe/i3 Logic, PepsiCo/Frito Lay, Columbia University’s Health IT Lab, LaunchPad Central, Fuse Corp. 

As you will see I love to learn. I hold a BA in Liberal Arts in Foreign Affairs with minors in Business and French from the University of Cincinnati and an MS in Statistics and Quantitative Analysis from Southern Connecticut State University.  I have Certificates in Design Thinking, Organisational Design, Executive Coaching, Systems Thinking, Drug Development and Regulatory Science, Systems Life Cycle Development, Project Managment and Instructional Learning and Design. It’s fascinating to me how they are all connected in some way or other.

I believe to much who is given much is expected.  As part of my give back, I allocate a portion of my time to gratis coaching for young leaders who might otherwise not be able to work with a coach,. I also work closely with Springboard, a not for profit that supports CEO and/or their senior women leaders in start up health and health tech. I have also served as the San Francisco Bay Area Healthcare Business Women’s Association as President, President Elect, Past President and Global Head of Mentoring.

In 2013, I launched an innovation start-up as a new corporate function for Roche’s Product Development organization.  In just over two years, I played a critical role evolving their business approach to a patient/consumer centred approach.   This led to a shift in the 2020 innovation strategy to patient solutions rather than only drug development, reduced the cost of Product Development cost by 15% and integrated incentives that drove 80% of our teams to adopt multiple approaches to working in new ways (patient centred, digital, new partnerships, etc).  Today, they are leading Pharma/Biotech in connecting and evolving health. 

Similar changes to the ones we made in Roche/Genentech are occurring in every industry today.  We are not alone in the journey each of us is taking in this evolving world.


My approach

Your problems are unique and require a 21st century design in the solution.  

I combine a deep understanding of the current landscape, design, prototyping and diffusion to co-create your future with you.   We bring customers and leaders into the conversation to develop truly sustainable, viable options and solutions.

This approach accelerates your ability to quickly make solid business decisions and enable next steps; but most importantly insures your relevance and success.